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    Hello Power Bright, Goodbye ChromaWhite

    Say hello to Dermalogica's New & Improved Power Bright TRx and get ready for your brightest skin ever!

    When it comes to signs of skin aging, brown spots and uneven skin tone are top concerns worldwide. For this reason, Dermalogica is excited to announce Power Bright TRx - a powerful 3 step, leave on system for the treatment and prevention of hyperpigmentation. When integrated with any Dermalogica regimen, it brightens and helps balance skin tone while preserving the quality and integrity of the skin. It's simply brighter skin wihtout compromise!

    Here's what you will find in Power Bright TRx

    Pure Light SPF 50 ($60): a lightweight daytime moisturizer packed with brightening antioxidants and peptides with the added benefit of solar defense. The best way to prevent current hyperpigmentation from becoming more noticeable and to prevent new hyperpigmentation from showing up is SUN PROTECTION. That's right folks, daily defense from the sun's damaging rays is a MUST, and not just for brightening but also for age management and over all skin health. 

    C-12 Pure Bright Serum ($90): This silky serum with highly-concentrated, stable Vitamin C is a brightening power house! Experience an exclusive blend of peptide, mineral, and botanical extracts to help treat and prevent cellular discoloration for unsurpassed skin brightening and tonal balancing. Apply to clean skin morning and/or evening under your moisturizer.  

    Pure Night ($75): A medium weight, easily absorbed night time moisturizer. Gluconic Acid and antioxidants brighten to help minimize surface spots (read: pesky sun damage!). Awake every morning to skin that is luminous, improved and bright.

    As we bid farewell to the ChromWhite TRx line, here is what is happening along with some recommendations for how to navigate the 'out with the old and in with new' Power Bright Trx

    Triactive Cleanse: While I'm sad to see this luscious creamy cleanser go it is easily replaced by AgeSmart's Skin Resurfacing Cleanser which contains a whopping 5% Lactic Acid for brightening. 

    Powerfoliant & Extreme C: This liquid exfoliant and powder serum are biting the dust and I must admit that I'm too heartbroken about it because while they were effective they were not very user friendly (even for a product guru like myself). Switch out Powerfoliant for AgeSmart's Thermafoliant, a mechanical & chemical exfoliator in a silicone base or Gentle Cream Exfoliant, an alpha hydroxy acid exfoliating masque. C-12 Power Bright Serum packs enough of a punch to stand in for Extreme C. 

    Pure Light SPF 30: Has been repackaged & reformulated and also bumped up to SPF 50 :)

    Pure Night: Also newly repackaged & reformulated and the first thing I noticed was how much more easily this product is absorbed into the skin - silky smooth!

    C-12 Concentrate: Is now C-12 Power Bright Serum in a much more user friendly bottle. The older packaging was a bit top heavy and it was constantly falling over on my shelf, so no more of that! Of course, C-12 has also been reformulated as well. 




    Pre-Order the Power Bright TRx 3 Step System ($225) by September 1st and receive the Travel Kit ($38 value) for FREE! Call or E-mail Kristin to place your order, products will ship out on September 5th. Shipping is FREE as always.



    Cheers to Your Skin Health, 

    Kristin Akins



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    Cheers to Your Skin Health, 
    Kristin Akins





    We all know that the true spirit of this season lies in the gift of giving, but sometimes finding the perfect gift can be a little stressful. No need to stress...


    Give the Gift of Healthy Skin

    Sparkly Gift Certificates to Pelle Sana Salon beautifully hand crafted by my super talented sister, Vanessa of VGR Designs. Schedule a time to pick up one of these beauties between now and 6p on Saturday December 21st or scoop up an online Gift Certificate HERE. Everybody use a little Healthy Skin boost!


    Cheers to Your Skin Health, 

    Kristin Akins



    Wave buh-bye to cracked, dry hands! Holiday soirees are on the horizon and nothing pairs better with the art of the perfect hand shake than cashmere soft hands. Our hands are our work horses and while they are almost always on display, they are often neglected. Lend a helping hand by exfoliating with Dermalogica's Exfoliating Body Scrub ($35) to slough away dulling skin cells, follow with one of the combinations below, and slip on cotton gloves overnight for some serious product absorption.

    Barrier Repair ($42) an amazing waterless moisturizer that calms irritation and shields against environmental assaults (Chicago winters are definitely an environmental assault!)  or Ultracalming Serum Concentrate ($55) a lightweight emulsion that fortifies skin's barrier lipid layer and restores sensitized skin +



    Multivitamin Hand & Nail Treatment ($25) this age defying, intense, non-greasy hand cream soothes & heals dry hands, protects against free-radical damage, and even strengthens nails.


    p.s. Everybody can use a little help from their friends which make Hand helpers excellent gifts!

    Cheers to Your Skin Health, Kristin Akins